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​ A graduate of the international center for training in fine crafts and ceramics in Saint-Amant-en-Puisaye, passionate, creative and welcoming, it is at the gates of Amboise that Magali has set up his boutique workshop.

Her sense of listening and sharing, her benevolence and her passion for working with terracotta, allow her to lead quality workshops and create unique pieces.

Its natural pedagogy ensures trainees a rich moment and the work of the land, a real introspective reflection.

Come and meet her, she will always have the right word and a smile.


References :

Château de Pray - Les Closeaux - Onzain florist - Loches and wheat cheese factory - restaurant l'écluse in Amboise Fromagerie de Montbazon, La Forteresse du Black Falcon - Valmer Castle - Hôtel des Lys -

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