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Ceramic pottery shop    to  Amboise

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 Pfriendly oterie accessible to all to come and visit!  Children from 4 years old.

  Slocated at four minutes from the Château d'Amboise, in the Center Val de Loire,Magali Delvaux, creator of pottery and ceramics for 12 years, Master ArtiSan d'Art, realizes according to his imagination culinary and decorative pieces. 

  Swe feel like listening, du share, its  benevolencespear andher passion for working with clay allow Magali to animateinternships quality and create unique pieces.

En collaboration with his daughter mahéva,bothshare their common passion for ceramics.

HASn the heart of Indre et Loire, in afriendly environmentbetween allrs and Chaumont sur Loire delight youwill cover the art of turning and modeling clay.  Deepen your experiences through discovery, initiation or advanced courses.


 This workshop accepts ANCV, ANCVconnect and Kadeos holiday vouchers.

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